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How We Got Here!


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Initially, in 1998, an informal group of community citizens involved in a diverse number of interests, (environmental, forestry, business, construction, education, civic groups and private landownership), came to the table to discuss the depressed condition of the local communities. Due to a downsizing in the forest resource industry of the area, many mills had closed and jobs were lost.

This situation lent to a demoralization of the entire community and folks decided something had to be done. To bring together a group of folks who traditionally wouldn’t even speak to one another was a challenging, innovative, daring goal. It took a number of meetings for the group to find that they shared a common vision for their communities as well as their forests and that they could achieve their goal by developing a partnership amongst themselves. 

Through grant funding from the National Forest Foundation, PCFC was able to start up with an office and their 501 (c) 3 status. Some education programs are also funded through grants, but the day-to-day activities are funded through careful management of the account created by the original stewardship project.

PCFC continues to inspire and be inspired through their community involvement. Working with the West Bonner County School District, the City of Priest River, Priest River Urban Renewal Agency, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, the Forest Service and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, PCFC finds their wings expanding to ever more challenging and rewarding projects.


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