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Our Story

Welcome to the heart of Priest Community Forest Connection, where passion for nature, community, and sustainable living converges. Our journey is guided by an extraordinary group of individuals who make up our esteemed Board of Directors. These visionary leaders share a common dedication to fostering deep connections between communities and forests, paving the way for a harmonious coexistence that benefits both humanity and the environment.

As stewards of our mission, our Board brings together diverse expertise, unwavering commitment, and a shared belief in the transformative power of the natural world. Get to know the remarkable individuals steering our organization towards a future where communities thrive in tandem with the flourishing ecosystems around them. Join us on this exciting expedition as we introduce you to the passionate minds driving the Priest Community Forrest Connection towards a greener, more connected tomorrow.

Meet The Team

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Tanner Linton


Born and raised in our community and coming from a logging and lumber family, Tanner understands the values, efforts, and steps needed to ensure our forests are sustainable and enjoyed by all for generations to come.

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Liz Johnson-Gebhard

Executive Director

Liz is the Executive Director of the Priest Community Forest Connection (PCFC), a small non-profit that works closely with the Idaho Panhandle National Forests among a number of other agencies.  She manages numerous contracts for on the ground activities with the United States Forest Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, The Department of Environmental Quality, the National Park Service as well as State, County and local community agencies. She currently lives on Gold Cup Mountain outside of Priest River, ID, on 140 acres of timberland and wetlands with her husband, Labrador Retriever, a cat and a lot of wildlife.

PCFC Carl.webp

Carl Wright


Carl was born and raised in Priest River before going to the University of Idaho. He worked for the forest service for over 30 years doing a wide-array of things for them which resulted in many skills, connections, and friendships. He joined the PCFC in 2005.

PCFC Mike.webp

Mike Lithhow


Mike is a 4th Generation Pend Oreille County resident and currently resides in the Cusick area. He is the Information and Outreach Coordinator for the Kalispel Tribe’s Natural Resources Department. Mike enjoys, hunting, horseback riding, hiking, and fishing in the Selkirk Mountains of Northeast Washington and North Idaho. Mike enjoys working with the dedicated PCFC volunteers and finds the work truly rewarding.

PCFC Seth.webp

Seth Callos


Seth Callos and his family have lived in Priest River since 2008.  Seth is a Financial Advisor in downtown Priest River, and has served on the PCFC board since 2013.  He appreciates the collaborative efforts of the PCFC in bringing together many different interests toward a common goal.  The Callos Family enjoys all 4 seasons of North Idaho by ATVing in the Spring, swimming in the Summer, hunting in the Fall, and snowshoeing in the Winter.

PCFC Amy.webp

Amy Encinas-Yount

Vice President

Amy is a Priest River local and currently the Branch Manager at Columbia Bank in Priest River where she has worked for the last 7 years. Amy is very active in the community, serving on 6 local boards and the current Priest River Chamber President. She joined PCFC 3 years ago with a desire to learn more about the forest industry and how we can work together to bring education and resources to our local community.

PCFC Jim.webp

Jim Stevens


Jim is a retired management consultant living north of Priest River, ID, and appreciates the opportunity to serve on the PCFC board.  He is active in improving his forest property and is committed to educating others, particularly younger students, about the benefits of sound forestry and conservation practices.  Jim was the past Treasurer of the Bonner Soil & Water Conservation District and enjoys hunting, fishing, and the winter sports.

PCFC Steve.webp

Steve Linton


Steve is a 3rd generation lifelong Priest River resident. Owner/president of Tri-Pro Forest Products in Oldtown, Idaho. He has been working in the forest products industry since 1978. Logger and log truck driver for 10 yrs, went into lumber sales, shipping, management for 10 more years and ended up at Tri-Pro Forest, a family owned lumber remanufacturing business. The family bought a plant in Oldtown in 1996 (the old Diamond Int’l mill site) and Steve and his wife Jill took over ownership in 2008. His family has a large tract of timberland they manage just north of PR. I’ve been on the PCFC board since it’s inception. He enjoys the area and all the outdoors has to offer here being an avid snow skier, water sports enthusiast, cyclist, etc.

PCFC Jeff.webp

Jeff Connelly


Born and raised in Priest River, Jeff spent nearly 25 years working in the forest industry before transitioning over to be elected as Bonner County Commissioner where he still serves to this day. He has been on the board of directors for PCFC for over 20 while also serving as president for 7 of those years.


Jennae Pegg


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