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Lakeface-Lamb Forest  Stewardship

The Lakeface-Lamb Forest Stewardship Project was centered in a wildland/urban interface on the southwest shore of Priest Lake in north Idaho. Forest Restoration activities took place on federal lands that surround residential and commercial properties. The project area covered approximately 7200 acres with restoration activities taking place on over 1600 of those acres. Intermingled in this area are 2000 acres of private land.

The Project sought to address the problems typically encountered in our western forests where there is increasing development on nearby land: declining forest health leading to fuels buildup that increases the chances of catastrophic wildfires, a decrease in availability of wildlife habitat, and the introduction of non-native, invasive and sometimes noxious plant species. 

In February of 2002, Priest River Development Corporation (PRDC) and their Stewardship Advisory Committee were awarded the Lakeface-Lamb Stewardship Project. The 7 person advisory committee implemented this project since the beginning.  PRDC and the Stewardship Committee became the first non-profit organization to work on a federal land Stewardship contract in the nation.  In 2005 the Stewardship Committee formally formed as a 501 (c) 3 group called the Priest Community Forest Connection.

As the Lakeface-Lamb project progressed, pride in the community, an improvement in our economy, and a deeper understanding of the surrounding forests all greatly increased.  Local businesses and contractors, the local School District, several government agencies and many individuals have become involved in this unique collaborative partnership.

Of special mention is the all-volunteer citizen group called the Lakeface-Lamb Monitoring Committee.  This group spent 5 ½ years monitoring all aspects of the project and giving their feedback to the Forest Service and to PCFC.


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